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About me

From broken umbrellas to filling the stage

At 5 years old my favourite umbrella broke. Instead of throwing it away I decided to make it into a skirt and wore it where ever I went. That's my earliest memory of creating clothes. I remember my grandmother knitting socks and my mom sewing clothes for us. I grew up believing that a sewing machine is as normal of an household item than an oven or a washing machine. 

I've always been drawn to theatre and its many forms. And my love for the art form only deepened when I went from being on stage to being in the creative team. The idea of creating worlds that take us to a different place for a moment is still to this day a very magical one for me. 

I got my masters in theatre science from the University of Helsinki with a costume design minor at the Aalto university. During my studies I focused especially on immersive theatre in its many forms, costumes, film and tv. 

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On my creative way I've dappled in many areas of theatre and film and put on multiple different hats from running producing short films to creating puppets, from mastering different forms of embroidery to teaching. I believe that in order to make what you learn more important is to pass the knowledge on. 

I'm always happy to find new things to learn, new creative projects to work on and new challenges to conquer. So if you're looking for a puppet teacher, new collaborator or a costume designer for your new project dob't hesitate to send me a message me! I look forward to hearing from you! 

Life is too short for boring, 

Viivi Valpuri

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